March 2018

Why are identities a core element of digitalisation?

When looking at successful digitalisation efforts in industry, retail and utilities sectors, or other areas including government, at the core you will typically find a solid identity solution. The reason is simple: the identity solution, trust and information, are often the glue binding things, information elements and content together.


If you look at the digitalisation goals in an organisation, you will find themes such as: reducing risks, improving learning from historical incidents, strengthening security; streamlining of processes and reducing manual input; improving data accessibility and enabling better decision-making; enabling real-time analytics and increasing automation; using data to maximise asset value through optimisation and process improvements.


Realising these goals typically requires an identity and access management (IAM) solution. Examples of IAM use cases in digitalisation projects include:

• User authentication and identity verification, including verification of the organisation information of the identity in question; roles and attributes based access to information and content.


• Verification of accessed target services and the endpoint “things” to ensure that they and the output they deliver can be trusted.


• Delegated management of identity, access and authorisation to enable sufficient management and ensure that the identity information is up to date and can be trusted.


The identity information is from one perspective a representation of the user. The identity solution then, based on that identity information, ensures that the user gets a consistent and integrated view and access to all the content he/she is supposed to reach.


Think of all the various services, internal as well as external, that a person in an organisation requires during a typical day at work. Now, picture the access to all those services as a kind of dashboard user experience. Whether there actually is one single view dashboard, or just a smooth and consistent easy access to all that is relevant is not really the point. The essential point is that the access from the user perspective should be smooth, in order to reach the services and tools they need, as if there was one integrated dashboard with all those services readily available.


With a solid IAM solution in place this is the vision that can be delivered, ensuring that only authorised users get access to their services and content smoothly and securely.

Author Charles Sederholm, Director Business Development, Ubisecure