March 2018

Why did Ubisecure join Lightest?

As a platform and service provider for externally facing customer IAM, Ubisecure is positioned at the interfaces and interaction points of transactions involving identity information. Many Ubisecure customer organisations and the typical use cases our products solve deal with cross-organisational and cross-border interaction. Hence it is only natural that we want to participate in developments that bring essential elements of technologies and principles forward.


We also have almost as a corporate culture a tradition throughout our 15+ year history to participate in joint efforts, for instance standardisation of core identity-related standards and interop enabling activities such as SAML, OpenID Connect/OAuth2, GSMA Mobile Connect, and national efforts such as eID and eIDAS.


So, when we were asked to join LIGHTest, we responded positively and since the LIGHTest kick-off we have very much enjoyed the interaction and discussions with some of the key players in the security and identity scene; and their very experienced experts, who are part of the LIGHTest project team.

Charles Sederholm, Director Business Development, Ubisecure