May 2017

Lightest Team on the Road

Key partners in LIGHTest have been very busy recently presenting at a number of conferences and events in the USA.

At the K(NO)W conference in Washington, organised by One Identity, Don Thibeau, Open Identity Exchange Chairman, chaired a panel titled Trust Frameworks: their critical role in governing identity systems and allocating liability. The session covered how to create a trust framework and looked at how it can be used to define, allocate and limit the potential liability associated with participating in an identity system, and address common misconceptions associated with trust frameworks.

Rachelle Sellung from the University of Stuttgart participated in an Identity Interoperability panel session, chaired by Don,  ‘Driving Collaboration and Standards’. Rachelle spoke on rearchitecting identity systems in Europe with the upcoming regulations and the importance of pulling together a consortium of academics and industry leaders to address trust in a changing world. Rachelle covered LIGHTest and how it builds off the DNS trusted infrastructure to retrieve and verify information and trust services, enabling trust services to be translated and supporting delegation.

The Open Identity Exchange co-hosted an event at the World Bank: 2nd International Identity Management Law & Policy Meeting. This coming together of global government representatives, policy makers and OIX members, led to discussions of where LIGHTest might be helpful in the future, bearing in mind, this is currently a research project. Work with governments that are mapping standards and schemes, their own to other global initiatives, where trust translation may assist. Organisations that are looking to in ratify digital signatures from the USA and EU, LIGHTest as a tool might enable or make trust translation easier, which could help with global adoption and interoperability of the programs they are developing. 


The week was finished up with an International LIGHTest Forum meeting, where interested global (non EU) organisations and governments, members of the LIGHTest Advisory Board, legal representatives and others  met and discussed the LIGHTest project in more detail and provided valuable  feedback to the project.  You can review the presentations by Rachelle Sellung and Hans Graux (Timelex).