January 2019

Integration Testing Report

To conceive truly “global trust lists”, a key objective of LIGHTest is global operation and global acceptance. By using the existing and well established Domain Name System as the basis of the LIGHTest trust infrastructure, global operation is possible from the start without requiring any additional roll out of enabling infrastructure. By covering most needs through the well-accepted DNS and involving non-European stakeholders from the very start, LIGHTest promises to overcome the “not invented here” syndrome and reach real global acceptance and uptake easily. By using the mature, already well-tested DNS with its existing software components, combined with massive integration testing, LIGHTest can quickly reach Technology Readiness Level.

Integration testing is the effort to verify that the integrated system works in a harmonized way including all its components. During the development process, the modules that work fine individually do not tend to work together correctly for the first time. Integration testing verifies whether the whole system components perform collaboratively. In this task integration testing will be performed.

Throughout the course of the project, integration testing will be carried out in three iterations and at each iteration a periodic report on integration testing will be published. This document D8.8 –Integration Testing Report (1) is the first testing report on integration testing of LIGHTest at the system level.

You can read the full public deliverable here