During the three day Kick-Off Meeting partners from nine different European countries came together to discuss and spread the LIGHTest Vision. Day One started with a welcoming speech by the departmental head of the Fraunhofer IAO Prof.  Dr. Anette Weisbecker, followed by Dr. Bud P. Bruegger who spoke about the Fraunhofer IAO Institution and introduced the LIGHTest project, its vision, its aims and further steps to all participants of the LIGHTest consortium. The day closed with a management presentation.


Day 2 started with an overview of all Work Packages (WP). The responsibilities, dependencies and due dates were explained. The day continued with the discussion of WP2 “requirements, concepts and evaluation” by the University of Denmark. The “Infrastructure for the Publication and Querying of Trust Schemes” was explained in WP3 by Fraunhofer. ATOS followed with WP4 “Infrastructure for Translations across Trust Domains”.

The Technical University of Graz has the WP lead of two WPs: WP5 “Infrastructure for the Publication and Querying of Delegations” and WP6 “Trust Policy and Automatic Trust Decisions”. The discussion of WP7 “Trust Propagation of Derived Mobile IDs” was lead by G&D.  The “Pilot Demonstration” was discussed after WP7. The General Assembly followed where the press release and the internal due dates of the deliverables was agreed upon. The opening of the last day of the LIGHTest Kick-Off Meeting was again made by Fraunhofer. The Turkish partner from TUBITAK began with the first presentation of their WP8 “Integration and Testing” of the pilot. WP11 continued with “Dissemination and Communication”. ATOS is the lead of WP4, and also the lead of WP10. The WP1 “Ethics Requirements” finished the main part of the Kick-Off Meeting and the presentations of all WPs. The last two points on the agenda were “Review of Dependencies” and the final “Wrap Up & How to get started”. It was a good Kick-Off and a good start into the project.

Project Kick Off - Stuttgart, Germany

November 2016