LIGHTest Advisory Board

Sverre Bauck

Global Health Informatics AB, Norway

Worked for DIFI (Norwegian Govt ICT) with responsibilities for PEPPOL. He has gained current experience from working with the Customs TVINN, from the Brønnøysund Register Center's Security Portal.  Furthermore, from position as Senior Officer of the Western European EDIFACT Board Secretariat, from work with central business development in SDS / Posten / Ergo / Group.

Experience: PEPPOL Public sector cooperation, eID and ID management,

Andre Boysen

Chief Identity Officer, Securekey, Canada

Identity and Access Management, Industry Thought Leader, Payments/AML/KYC Leader, Entrepreneur, Project Management, Market Penetration, Sales and Marketing, Business Models

Experience: Founder of Securekey, which operates the authentication framework for Canadian Government.

Adam Cooper

Formerly UK Cabinet Office (UK)

Adam joined UK Government Digital Service in 2013 and is responsible for the governance of the Identity Assurance Architecture and its continual development. An original author of the underlying identity assurance architecture, Adam chairs the Technical Design Authority comprised of other senior architects involved in the identity and security space from both GDS and NCSC.

Experience: Information Security, Security Architectures, Governance: OASIS, BSI, ISO, OpenID Foundation, FIDO Alliance, W3C.

Jorge Cuellar

Siemens, Germany

Jorge is a mathematician and has worked on the real technical/implementation questions, has been very active in IETF especially in standards activities and has experience of many EU-projects. He has a good overview of technology, politics and usage

Experience: IETF, Standards

Mike Garcia

Formerly NIST (USA)

Mike Garcia led NIST’s Trusted Identities Group, focusing market-based solutions for identity management with federal guidelines and standards to accelerate government and commercial adoption of privacy-enhancing, secure, interoperable, and easy-to-use digital identity solutions. Mike oversaw a portfolio of commercial pilot programs totaling more than $50 million in grant funding, drafting and updating federal standards for information technology, developing and harmonizing international standards, and advancing research in identity technology and measurement science.

Experience: Information Security, Security Architectures, Assurance, Policies, Governance

Slawomir Gorniak

ENISA, Greece

Sławomir is a telecommunications engineer focused on network security. Currently he is working at ENISA (European Network and Information Security Agency) as an expert in security tools and architecture. He is a co-author of ENISA reports covering areas of data protection, electronic identities and information security

Experience: Network Security, CERTS, Risk Management, Security Policies, eID, TSPs, Privacy, Data Protection, eIDAS, Standards

Esther Mackaay

SIDN, Netherlands

SIDN is the registry for .nl domain names. She is working on new business development and involved in the developments regarding Digital Identities and Trust Frameworks, DNS(SEC) and (new) Top Level Domains. She has expert knowledge of internet technologies.

Experience: DNS, DNSSEC and practical implementations, Trust Frameworks, IPv6

Arif Mailov

Data Processing Centre, Ministry of Transport, Telecommunications and High Technologies, Azerbailjan

He has worked in different organisations and has grown up to his position of Director. Since 2011 he has been Head of CMS Service Center. In 2012 he was honored with the Honorary Order  on the occasion of the Professional Holiday of Communication Workers and in 2013 was awarded the title of the "Master of Communication"

Timothy Reiniger

The Cyber Notary Society, Maine, USA

Information law and policy (privacy, identity, information security); cyber-notary law, e-commerce law (e-signatures and e-notarization).

Experience: Expert-witness to U.S. Congress, Practicing lawyer

Jakob Schlyter

Kirei, Sweden

Jakob is considered one of the world’s foremost experts in DNSSEC. His work has resulted in a number of Internet standards (RFCs), and He is also a technical expert in the ICANN Registry Services Technical Evaluation Panel (RSTEP). He is well established in organizations such as IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) and RIPE (Réseaux IP Européens). He is also active in several Open Source projects, e.g., Cryptech, OpenBSD, OpenSSH and OpenDNSSEC.

Experience: Information Security, Security Architectures, TCP/IP Internetworking (IPv4, IPv6), DNS, DNSSEC, VoIP/SIP

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